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What Is The D1 Players Society?

The D1 Players Society is a select group of players representing D1Baseball through athlete-generated content, which will be shared across D1Baseball's media channels, as well as their own.

Our mission is to allow college baseball players to tell their stories and to learn more about building their personal brand, all through D1Baseball, the recognized leader in Division I college baseball coverage.

Pitcher Throwing the Ball

Selecting The D1 Players Society

The official application (below) for the D1 Players Society is available now. After two weeks of accepting applications, we will select a small group of college baseball (and softball) players to be the inaugural members of the D1 Players Society.

We are looking for a diverse group of athletes representing different teams, regions, and backgrounds. In addition to seeking broad representation, we will also consider a player's on-field and off-field profile, including their social media presence.

What Will Members Of The D1 Players Society Do?

Beginning in January, participants will generate content for D1Baseball, which could include articles, podcasts, videos and social media content (think Players Tribune for college baseball). Our team will carefully review all content, then use it across D1Baseball media channels, including a special section of the D1Baseball site dedicated to D1PS.

The D1 Players Society will add another level of coverage for D1. Players will produce content based on their interests and will be able to promote their content, other players' content, and other D1Baseball coverage through their personal social media.

There will be a wide variety of content the D1Players Society will be encouraged to produce: behind-the-scenes videos, to player-hosted podcasts, to written-word articles, game recap vlogs, and more. The D1 Players Society will add another level of coverage to both the D1 websites and social channels. We are in the process of creating a specific subsection of our subscription-based website where all D1 Players Society content will be featured.

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What Will D1 Players Society Members Get?

Athletes that are selected and agree to participate in the D1 Players Society will sign a standard freelance contract for a set five-month period (January-May). The athletes will have at least four different ways to earn money from the program:

💵Fixed Monthly Stipend: Each athlete in the D1 Players Society will be paid a fixed amount each month, dependent on the athlete delivering quality content on an agreed-upon schedule.

💵Affiliate Commission: Each player will have his own affiliate link and promo code that he can use to promote D1Baseball. Subscriptions purchased through the link or code will generate a commission for the player.

💵Group Sponsorship: In the event of any group sponsorship deals with outside brands, money will be distributed equally among players. Players may also be presented with individual sponsorship opportunities.

💵Extra Content Participation: For players who show a flair for content creation or have a particularly interesting story, D1 staff may ask for additional content beyond the standard monthly items. These will be optional, and athletes will be compensated appropriately for the additional content.

After the five-month contract, players will have the option to sign on for an additional one or two months. These extra months will allow them to stay in the program through postseason play, summer ball, and/or draft prep.

Compensation will comply with all relevant rules and regulations. In particular, no aspect of program participation will be dependent on athletic performance.

Kendall, Aaron, and Mike in Omaha

Brand Better

In addition to the athletes’ ability to produce content for D1Baseball, the society members will have access to the D1Baseball Staff and have the option to work with our marketing partners at Helium Agency on personal branding, social media marketing, and content creation!

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